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If it fits perfectly, then it's no coincidence.
But the  result   of our work.

R & R Consulting GmbH is the consulting company of the Rosenbaum Group, an expanding group of companies that itself maintains an extensive real estate portfolio in Germany. We initiate, review and accompany the transactions of our own family office and also represent selected funds, insurance companies and family offices.


We specialize in selecting the right buyer for off-market properties nationwide. 

Over the years we have earned the trust of numerous funds, insurance companies and family offices from Germany and Europe. We understand the needs of our customers. That is why we know which property best suits which client. We mediate "The perfect match".


R & R Consulting GmbH carefully and prudently accompanies the entire transaction process and ensures that the transaction is completed discreetly, efficiently and transparently. This procedure not only saves time and nerves. It also increases processing security and rewards the seller with a price that is around 5 to 6% higher than in on-market transactions or in classic bidding processes.

Here you go directly to the website of R & R Consulting GmbH.

debt financing

Depending on the asset class and risk profile of the property, we invest with or without outside capital. For partially financed properties, we rely on a network of leading local banks to ensure attractive terms.


We can close acquisitions promptly, both in the form of "asset deals" and in the form of "share deals".


We provide detailed analysis of its target properties, which requires a fundamental understanding of the local market dynamics, the rental/sale situation, and the cost of re-letting/maintenance/asset management of the property.


Our company has a successful track record of implementing efficient acquisition structures. This includes complex, cross-border transaction structures along with institutional investors.


We maintain close relationships with leading brokers, portfolio holders, and other market participants to pursue off-market and structured acquisitions.

due diligence

We lead the due diligence in the acquisition process and engage external service providers to identify the risks and risk mitigations of its investments. Our service providers are generally leading companies in their sectors and have experience in dealing with international institutional investors. We create robust business plans for your investments with the aim of providing credible profit and cash flow forecasts.

We would be happy to advise you personally.

We look forward to your call or email.

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